What is Better: PC or Console?

What is Better: PC or Console?

The war between what setup for gaming is better; which has better visuals, performance, or cost. Here is a breakdown of the key factors about PCs and consoles.

Pc Budget

Entry-level PCs are the cheapest ranging from 500-700 American dollars. These personal computers are not designed for gaming. The price may look nice but it is not worth it, gaming on a pc like this would not even average out to decent quality or performance. A pc that goes from 700-900 dollars is fine and generally reliable for performance. The pc should be able to run most games but upgrades would be needed for future reference. Once the price range goes from 900-1k dollars to around mid-range, these PCs are the best all-around and have the best balance for coverage, performance, durability, and cost. A high-performance pc gives premium quality and performance. This investment is expensive but is very durable and provides the best quality and graphics to play the latest games.

Console Budget

Consoles are overall cheaper than PCs. The newest models are actually a bit more expensive than usual. However, with everything that they have to offer, they are fair with the price. After purchasing a PC, there are no subscriptions needed to play games online or to even talk to friends. While consoles need a subscription to be able to play online and chat with friends.

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Only upgrades that could be made to a console are just purchasing a new one. Parts cannot be replaced with a console. The specs that the console is purchased with, are the specs that the console will die with. Now in a PC, individual parts can be replaced. Long-term, PCs will come out to be a better investment than a console because replacing individual parts is a lot cheaper than purchasing an entire console over and over and over.


Pcs can run their graphics to up to 4k resolution, meaning very nice and defined screen resolution and colors. The newest models of consoles do not compare to 4k resolution. For example, the newest ps5 is running 120 fps (frames per second), while a PC can run up to 240 fps.


“Console and PC performance over time” courtesy by (r/pcmasterrace)

Games on PC are cheaper than consoles. PC plates can choose to play with a controller and/or with a keyboard and mouse. There is no need to hog the family tv to play. Consoles have limits to their games because of companies owning games. PCs have a greater variety of games. You can upgrade the storage for a PC to be able to hold more games while consoles are extremely limited to storage compared to pcs.

General Overview

Consoles are basically strictly only for video games. While a pc can be used for most any hobbies. They can also be used for working from home and school work. PCs also can have the software downloaded for anything needed to be done.

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