Underrated Sanrio Characters

Underrated Sanrio Characters

With the new popularity of Sanrio and its adorable characters once again, you might be familiar with the names Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Pochacco, Pompompurin, and Cinamoroll. A lot of people don’t know about any other character in the Hello Kitty world besides the popular ones, so I present to you 10 underrated characters which deserve the spotlight as well!


Mimmy with Hello Kitty.

Mimmy, also known as Mimi, is Hello Kitty’s twin sister. Like Hello Kitty, she is a Japanese bobtail cat.

She contrasts her sister with her yellow bow on her right ear and with her personality as well. Mimmy is slightly less outgoing but more polite and thoughtful than Kitty. She’s described as very girly and shy.

Mimmy’s hobbies are sewing and dreaming of marriage.

Charmmy Kitty

Charmmy Kitty with her friend Sugar.

Charmmy is Hello Kitty’s pet, a white Persian cat with a pretty pink bow key around her neck. Pretty odd for a cat to have a pet cat, right?

Unlike Hello Kitty, Charmmy walks on all fours like a normal cat and is usually seen with her friend Sugar. Her name is a reference to the word “charm”.

The key she wears unlocks Hello Kitty’s jewelry box, which was given to Charmmy because shiny and sparkly things make her happy! Her personality is described as kind and polite like Hello Kitty, but she can be sassy at certain times.

She doesn’t have a set birthday, but she was given to Hello Kitty as a gift from her father on Halloween as an early birthday present!


Heysuke, the angry baby who loves being naked.

I felt very conflicted when I found out about this little guy. It seems to be a human baby created in 2000. When you translate his Japanese name into English, it translates to “toe.” Very mysterious… There is also not a lot of information about him, only a little story about him in the official Sanrio website.

“Who? What the heck? It’s a kind of a suspicious, mysterious baby. For some reason, it’s laughing in the nude. Where it came from is a mystery. Is it a boy? A girl? Heysuke doesn’t even know for sure. The place where it lives is right next to you. One thing is for sure, he loves to be naked. It’s birthday is January 1st.”


Is it a boy? A girl? Why does it like to be naked? Where did it come from? So many questions with so little answers…


Usahana collecting flowers with birds.

She’s recently been gaining more attention, but Usahana definitely deserves more recognition!

Usahana was created in 2001, and is described as a lively bunny that loves summer. She’s apparently three tulips tall, weighing as much as a “handful of green grapes”. Her favorite things are sunflowers, eating orange-flavored sherbet, baking sweets, and collecting earrings.

Cool little fact: She was originally designed to be a little bit of color for women working at offices, soothing their hearts with something adorable to focus on while they worked.

Usahana has made three appearances in shows. She has an animated mini-series called Usahana: Dreaming Ballerina, as well as a series of educational shorts called Usahana’s Magical Numbers and Shapes for children! She also makes a cameo in the last season of Hello Kitty: The Apple Forest, too!

Pankunchi and Koppepan

Pankunchi and his pal Koppepan, directly from the Hello Kitty wiki!

Pankunchi is a little panda in the Sanrio universe, created in 2007. His name translates from Japanese to English as “punk rock.” There’s not a lot of information about him, but we can assume that he’s a cute little bear that likes punk rock!

His friend, Koppepan, seems to be always drawn with him. There’s not a lot of information about him either; all we know is that he’s just a cute loaf of bread.

I think we should advocate for more information about these two, who made them and why don’t they have more of a story behind them!?


Landry with his friend Pea!

This little raccoon boy was created in 1999! His name is Landry, most likely being a reference to the word laundry. He lives in a “wash basin” and can wash pretty much anything he can get his hands on. It’s possible he was created to inspire young kids to clean up after themselves and enjoy washing up!

He’s described as a lover of food and a cheeky raccoon. Apparently, he’s really good at acrobatics and loves to appreciate music, his favorite artist being Mozart.

He’s commonly seen with his rubber duck buddy, Pea. His friend is probably another reference to baths and washing up. I think it’s really neat to make a character to inspire little kids to take baths! There are definitely a lot of kids who hate taking them. Maybe a mom could tell her kid to “take a bath like Landry does!”


ALFREDALOHA holding a can of cola.

Also known as Alfred Aloha —which is so much easier to type out— is a stylish male elephant. Not a lot of information on him either, but he’s a part of Sanrio’s Fancy Friends. I guess Sanrio wanted something even adults could enjoy, so they marketed Fancy Friends as a brand that adults could like without seeming childish.

Alfred just wears his posh shirt and sunglasses as he holds his can of cola. Was soda marketed for adults only back in 1986?

It’s a shame he has no actual color to him. I wonder what he would look like with an actual color palette?


Joey with Hello Kitty.

You’ve probably seen this little guy everywhere with the more-known Sanrio characters. Joey is an athletic male mouse. He’s commonly seen with his friends Hello Kitty, My Melody, Mimmy, and Tippy.

He’s described as an avid enjoyer of trains, slides, and jungle gyms, evidently making him an awesome athlete. You can find him playing any sport and running on the track. Personality-wise, Joey is charming, intelligent, humorous, but most importantly, a good friend.


Hummingmint surrounded by little animals.

This gentle female fawn was created in 2014. She’s described as extremely kind, curious, and enjoys singing. (She’s my personal favorite from this list!)

Hummingmint is friendly towards small creatures, her greatest friends being little birds and flowers.

There’s not too much information about her out on the internet, but she has a lot of Japanese merchandise! It’s obvious she’s a fan-favorite in Japan, but not so much anywhere else.

Boy and Girl

Boy & Girl… that’s it. Just Boy and Girl.

These have got to be the most boring Sanrio characters in existence.

They’re simply just a boy and a girl. Heysuke, Pankunchi, and Koppepan may have had only a little bit of information released about them, but these seemingly siblings have nothing. Absolutely nothing. All we know is that they were created in 1978.

Come on, Sanrio. This could have been done so much better. Even their names are boring and unimaginative. Whoever created these guys and gave them zero backstories should be fired.

Discover More!

I only scratched the surface of lesser-known Sanrio characters, so you should consider looking into a lot more! You’re sure to find either more cuties or more… questionable… characters like Heysuke. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some characters that even die-hard Hello Kitty fans don’t know of! Be sure to share their existences and have some fun – the Hello Kitty multiverse is a big one.

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