Wheels Up, Guns Down 2022 in Miami

Wheels Up, Guns Down 2022 in Miami

“Wheels Up, Guns Down” was created to honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy and nonviolent message, but it has evolved into a festival of lawlessness as hundreds of riders on dirt motorcycles and ATVs from all over the country converge on South Florida and throng the highways. Police have informed people that you are 27 times more likely to get in an accident on this day if you were to go out, as many people were dangerously riding their bikes.

Bikers swarming all over Miami-Dade during Wheels Up, Guns down (Picture from WSVN).

On Monday, officers, deputies, and troopers were scattered across South Florida in preparation for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day rideout known as Wheels Up, Guns Down. 

Hundreds of unlawful vehicles have taken over streets and highways in the past, breaking traffic restrictions and causing huge traffic difficulties. 

Monday’s road trip was not as eventful as it has been in previous years, which is a good thing. 

Officers were stationed at the entrances and exits of various motorways, including the Florida Turnpike, to ensure that no dangerous illegal vehicles made their way onto the major routes.

Bikers on I-95 swerving through traffic (Picture from WPLG Local 10).

They entered I-95 shortly, before heading north to Northeast 63rd Street. 

Although some of the cyclists informed the police that they had no intention of harming others, other law enforcement officers who followed many of them from behind stated the antics they were performing might be lethal. 

Miami-Dade police stated they had made at least 13 felony arrests and confiscated dozens more bikes.