Improving Self-Care With a Little Friend: Finch

Improving Self-Care With a Little Friend: Finch

Our lives can grow a bit more chaotic day by day, and it’s important to ground ourselves. It may be a bit difficult to do this alone, but thankfully you can find a little friend to help you out with this! A little bird by the name of Finch can help you get through your days, one step at a time.

No, this isn’t an advertisement. I just love this app so much.

So… what’s Finch?

A little preview of Finch!

It all begins with a little finch! You can name it whatever you’d like, as well as choose its pronouns. Over time as you use the app more, you’re able to customize it with clothes and different colors once it grows up.

I love this app so much because of its daily goals, journaling, and incentives. Every time you get in the app, it’ll give you an inspirational quote and ask you how you feel at the moment. If it’s nighttime, it will ask how you felt about your day. If you’re honest about not feeling so well, the app will give you activities to help calm you down.

You’re able to set goals for yourself for the day, answer prompts about your feelings, and gain some currency to buy your finch some cute clothes! The more you use the app, the more you’ll level up your little friend. The app rewards you when you share your feelings, motivating you to keep going.

Overall, it’s a fun little app to vent any emotion to.

My favorite parts of Finch

Finch has many things to offer, but one of my favorites is the S.O.S. section. Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, you can head to this section. It offers a load of activities to ground yourself. Some examples are the 3-3-3 rule, an open area to vent, breathing techniques, and quizzes to help you assess how you’re feeling. I’ve used these so many times and I truly appreciate all of them.

Some of the activities in the S.O.S. section.

Another favorite part of mine of the app is the daily goals you can set. The app gives you multiple examples of goals. Some of them are light such as getting up out of bed and drinking water. Other goals, however, can be a bit more difficult, like doing 10 jumping jacks. I also like how you can personalize your own goals. If you complete these goals, you’ll gain energy for your finch so it can go out and adventure.

My final favorite part of the app is the adventures your little finch can go on. Once it’s all energized, it’s ready to go on an adventure. These adventures will usually last about 5 hours, but if you complete more activities and gain more energy, your finch will come home quicker! After its adventures, it’ll show you something it learned, whether it be a new song or a new food! I remember when my finch brought home books and she said she could “see voices on the pages”… so cute! Your finch will also come home with some other extra things, like rainbow stones (the app’s currency) and new elements to its personality. It’ll explore and adventure every day, and eventually, you can change into different locations! I haven’t gotten there yet, though.


I’ve been using Finch for about two weeks now, and I already can tell that it’s helping a lot. I feel more in touch with my emotions. It is essentially just another way to journal, but with more motivating aspects. I definitely recommend this app more than picking up a journal. If you feel like you can’t commit yourself to a fictional bird on the screen, though, then maybe a regular journal will be just fine for you.

If you’re interested in the app, you can download it here!

Here’s the link to its original website as well.

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