Florida Cases Drop For the First Time Since November

Florida Cases Drop For the First Time Since November

In the past seven days, the Florida Department of Health reported 289,204 new COVID-19 cases, a 33 percent decrease from the previous week and the state’s first week-to-week decrease in new infections since November. Also, Florida’s new-cases positivity rate fell to 26.8 percent this week, down from 29.4 percent last week. There was a huge spike as a new variant, Delta was found. Due to the Delta variant, cases were as high as they were at the beginning of the pandemic around March-June 2020. But, there is a new variant, Omicron, which is estimated to cause the rise in cases again all over the U.S. Unlike the Delta variant, omicron is more contagious, however, it causes less severe symptoms than the Delta variant.

Weekly Covid Situation (Florida State Health Department)

The numbers for the period of January 14 to January 20 were published in the state health department’s weekly coronavirus report on Friday. On a daily basis, they average 41,315 new cases. After 38,614 new cases were reported to the CDC on Saturday, the state has now gone nine days without more than 60,000 new cases. Which is down almost 20,000 new cases daily. Because of this, there were many businesses’ that lifted the mask mandates and loosened covid restrictions. But because of the Omicron variant, February 2022 is estimated to be another month in which the cases rise up again, so the mandates that were loosened are expected to be tightened back up. Miami Dade County Public Schools has already taken the precaution where they have made masks mandatory for all school staff and workers. As a result of this, many people have taken the booster shot for the vaccine too, as experts say that the booster will help have more protection against the omicron variant.

The week before Thanksgiving was the last time Florida reported fewer new cases than the week before. During that week, fewer than 10,000 new infections were reported.

Covid-19 case positivity rates as of January 2022 according to the Florida Department of Health

On Friday, January 21, 11,140 people in Florida were still hospitalized with COVID-19, but it’s still far fewer than during the peak of the delta variant outbreak this summer when the number passed over 17,000 people. But as a result of the Omicron variant, all hospitals are expected to be jam-packed again.

“Our hospitals are seeing either a flattening or a decrease in hospitalizations for COVID. That is tremendous news. We are not seeing the level of acuity in terms of the need for ICU beds, and certainly the length of stay is less, so that is leading to individuals being in and out of the hospital much more quickly.”

-Mary Mayhew, president and CEO of the Florida Hospital Association
Florida residents getting tested (FOX 13 News)

In conclusion, since the start of the pandemic, Florida has reported at least 5,281,000 COVID-19 cases, which does not include people who test positive using an at-home test but do not report it to health officials. According to the most recent CDC data, the state’s death toll from COVID is 63,574. You can help protect yourself from the virus by washing your hands consistently, wearing your mask when needed, social distancing when possible, and getting tested when you feel any symptoms–just in case you are positive— to help avoid the further spreading of COVID-19.

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