We’re Going Through Changes. From Emotional to Physical, MAST Students Embrace Change For the Best.

We’re Going Through Changes. From Emotional to Physical, MAST Students Embrace Change For the Best.

We are nearing the end of yet another school year, and with this comes the expected reminiscent state of mind. We can not help but look back at the memories we created, the friendships we made, the lessons we learned, and, of course, how we have changed. As we flip through our memories, we realize that the transformations we underwent were inevitable as we made our way through the school year, growing and learning through our personal life experiences. Because of this, many of us are no longer the same person we were several months ago. And no matter which forms our transformations have taken, we can’t help but notice that the person we once saw in the mirror is now another version of ourselves that we’ve outgrown, hopefully, for the better. In this feature piece, we see how some of our very own Sabers have undergone changes and self-transformation throughout this school year! 

A Glimpse Into Personal Transformations

Pointing out our flaws, negatively comparing ourselves to others, and bullying ourselves into a state of self-hatred state are all behaviors many can say they’ve fallen victim to. But managing to push these thoughts aside and choosing to begin a journey of self-love and acceptance is a feat one of our sabers has been able to claim as their own.

This year I learned to love myself a lot more and began to feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I also started expressing myself through my hair colors and discovered spirituality. I think these changes were very past due and I think I am not drastically different as a whole but in certain aspects I am very different.

Ashley Vargas, Sophomore

Being stuck behind a screen all day, overwhelmed by the mounds of school assignments, is the reality of virtual students today. How do you choose to see that? Will you continue to complain about it for the remainder of the school year, or will you decide to recognize the brighter side of things? Kennice, a freshman, has chosen to take advantage of our current situation and proved that not all things bad come from the pandemic. 

The speed at which I type has definitely improved since the start of the school year. I think it happened because of all of the computer based assignments that were due in a short period of time and required speedy typing; ultimately the school year has changed my typing for the better. Another transformation I have undergone with the pandemic is a mental one. I feel that I have become more resilient and focused when it comes to my assignments. Lengthy assignments have increased my focus and ability to comprehend information faster.

Kennice St. Louis, Freshman

Isolation. A word heavily associated with the pandemic that we have had to live through for the past year. To say that distance, isolation, and quarantine have affected several individuals is an understatement. There is no doubt that our current situation has played a factor in the development of many people. But don’t take it from me; see what Jaylene had to say when asked how she is now different from her past self.

I believe this pandemic has definitely had some affects on me. I’ve become more independent and introverted. Not being around the same people you’re basically around every day drastically changes your lifestyle and emotional feelings.

Jaylene Garcia, Senior

A substantial amount of time has passed since we first started this school year, and with this time came life experiences, both good and bad. These life experiences can appear differently for many people and teach life-altering lessons for those who go through them. With these experiences come realizations, and with these realizations can sometimes come the appreciation of the bad experiences. Bianka would learn to appreciate both the good and bad and take a little bit of something from all her encounters.

I think that I’ve matured a lot as a person and a lot of experiences have shed light on the people that are really there for me. These experiences have also taught me to start believing in myself. Looking back now, I think that I just had to mature at some point because I’m going to college soon and I needed these bad experiences to teach me lessons and push me to grow as a person.

Bianka Gomez, Senior

An influential factor that can cause the start of many self-transformation is being alone. Being alone with yourself and your thoughts grants you to think about what you want and provides you with the state of mind to tackle personal issues head-on. The pandemic and quarantine provided numerous students the ability to appreciate being alone, and with this came a drive to change for the better. And change for the better is what Jason did.

I think the pandemic really helped because I was kind of forced to be at home with my thoughts, I lost my routine and had to make one for my self which helped me form habits and a routine that better expressed myself. I went through a physical transformation this school year, I gained almost 15 pounds and worked out fairly consistently. My mental state I feel is also more mature. Since we were quarantined I realized that my motivation and inspiration needed to come from within which drove me to make positive changes in my life. Also, my physical change led to me being more confident and almost completely eliminated my social anxiety which was something I dealt with for a long time.

Jason Sosa, Senior

Our Transformations Won’t Stop Here

As the end of this school year draws to a close, we understand that amidst endings come new beginnings, and for us, that means a new school year. A school year that, much like this one, will come with new challenges and revelations of oneself. As time goes on, we will continue to grow and change throughout our lives. Our social, emotional, mental, intellectual, and physical transformations will not stop here because one thing is clear: we can not and will not stay the same.

Giselle Garcia
Giselle Garcia

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