M.A.S.T @ Homestead Saber Graduation: Choosing That Show Stopper Attire

M.A.S.T @ Homestead Saber Graduation: Choosing That Show Stopper Attire

As the school year is coming to an end, we have many students graduating. At M.A.S.T, our seniors are graduating and I know how happy they are that all their hard work, sweat, and tears have finally paid off. As a family of Sabers, we couldn’t be happier for our seniors for their accomplishments and finally leaving the nest. Now, they can just relax a bit and focus on their graduation ceremony and how they will dress up and present themselves for the occasion. If you’re a senior who wants some ideas on how to dress on your graduation day, then this article is for you!

Pants, Shirts, Suits, Jumpers

If you feel like you want to wear some sort of close-legged outfits these are some suggestions:

Jumpsuits, pants, and shirts are perfect examples of what to wear to your graduation that complies with the school guidelines and to stay stylish. The jumpsuits vary from flowy to a more body fitting composure with pastels to earth tone colors. The formal shirts vary from button-up to fully closed plain shirts. Last but not least, the pants are plain and long and composed of subtle basic simple bright to dark colors.

Skirts and dresses

If you’re thinking of wearing a skirt or dress here are some ideas:

The dresses in the images below come in a variety of body-fitting to more flowy breathable ones. The different straps on the dresses are spaghetti straps, scoops, illusion, V-neck, Sabrina, and bateau. The patterns on these dresses are either polka dot, floral, or just plain. The colors are basic light colors ranging from white, blue, pink, and black.


In need of shoe ideas? Look here:

The shoes below vary from heals, sneakers, Oxford shoes, and Derby shoes. The Derby shoes and the oxford shoes are usually known as men dressing shoes; the ones listed above are black and brown with either lace or no lace. The heels listed above are either wedges, stilettos, Mary-janes, and ankle straps. Of course there are flats as well. All these shoes either crème colored, silver, black, white, or brown.

Saber Grad reminder

Before making any purchases, it’s important to not pick a look that will make you self-conscious or anxious. You want to feel secure and comfortable. You want your outfit to be graduation-appropriate and just right. It’s best to leave out the wild and bold colors and patterns just to play it safe. It’s more flattering for the occasion to wear neutral, classic, and simple colors. For other accessories like jewelry, makeup, and hair make sure it compliments your physical features so it’s natural and stunning.

Based on the school graduation guidelines, seniors must wear light colors, white cap and gown, graduation stole corresponding to the color of their academy, and any cords they may have earned. Of course, keep in mind you will be wearing a mask which, if you want, could also match your outfit. Remember to be comfortable with your outfit while being stylish. This is your big day, don’t stress about the little things you might be overthinking. The best thing you can do is find the perfect outfit that matches your style, the school’s formal guidelines, and your comfort scale. These tips will be great to keep in mind when searching for clothes. Have fun sabers! This is your last time with us. Enjoy every bit of the moment. Much love from the saber family to you all! Remember once a saber, always a saber.

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