MAST @ Homestead Teachers Bid Class of 2021 Farewell

MAST @ Homestead Teachers Bid Class of 2021 Farewell

Class of 2021: You all have come such a long way and the day is finally here where you all venture off into the world and start the rest of your lives! I wish you all the best and regardless of where life takes you, I know you will have wonderful accomplishments to tell us about. You’re all very capable and bright and I have no doubt you will all represent MAST in the best light. I am so excited to hear about all of the amazing things you do and never give up on yourselves! There will always be a special place in my heart for those of you I taught and I will always be here for each and every one of you. Good luck and give it your best shot out there! – Love, Ms. Corrales

Dear Saber Seniors what to say to you.

Time for goodbye, Don’t make your teachers cry. When you came into the school you smiled, and lifted our hearts. I’m dedicating every day to you, Look what you’ve done, Just look how far you’ve come, When you shine, You knock me out I fall apart, And I thought I was so smart. You have come of age in our great nation. We’ll pray and fight for you, We’ll make it right for you. If we lay a strong enough foundation. We’ll give the world to you, To see what you can do and you’ll blow us all away. Someday, someday, Yeah you’ll blow us all away. Someday, someday, Yeah you’ll blow us all away. Ooooooooo covid came around and changed the mood; how rude. But don’t be fooled! Sabers don’t let stuff get in their way, They have so much more inside to say. Ooooooooo future hopes and dreams came into play, each day. And that’s okay……We can fall apart, And then we can restart. Our sabers made it around (our sabers made it around)(Our sabers were safe and sound and true.) Our sabers got what it takes (might make a million mistakes).(Our sabers – they know just what to dooooo.) You have come of age in our great nation. We’ll pray and fight for you, We’ll make it right for you. If we lay a strong enough foundation. We’ll give the world to you,To see what you can do and you blow us all away. Today, today. Yeah you blow us all away. Today, today. -Ms. Minervini

To the Class of 2021 HIP PHE’s,

I commend you all for your perseverance through this year of uncertainty proving that nothing is impossible for the class of 2021. Because of you HIP holds a special place in my heart, and we will forever share a bond of the 2020-2021 HIP Club. Remember the health lessons you taught and the HIP relationships you built along the way. Take pride in knowing that you made an impact during your time here, teaching our health curriculum to a younger generation. Empower one another and in a world that is so large, find the people that lift you higher and do the same for others.

The world awaits with endless possibilities and always remember to Be Smart! Be Healthy! Be HIP!

Sincerely,Your VERY proud HIP Sponsor Ms. Manhart

Dear Class of 2021:

You have all proven to be one of the most resilient graduating classes I have witnessed since my time here at MAST! Despite the circumstances of the past year you managed to pull through and make the best of the situation, accepting that life was not just going to hit pause for you until everything got better and choosing to continue moving forward with your lives. I want to give a very special shout out to my Journalism students from Yearbook, Newspaper and Broadcasting. This year’s Yearbook team of mostly seniors, led by editors Melissa Masferrer and Victoria Murray (who have been by my side since their Sophomore year) put together one of the most amazing yearbooks we have created in our schools history despite it not having the traditional spreads or event coverage. My newspaper team, led by Tori Ackerman and Stephanie Chavez, moved our newspaper from print to online seamlessly, producing some of the best articles we have written thus far, covering our student and faculty stories with journalistic professionalism and producing columns like “Affirmations with Ally” by Alyssa Mullings and #AskBryant by Bryant Marrero. Lastly, my broadcasting team, spear headed by Carlos Santana and Bryant Marrero. These two took an idea to take the traditional Broadcasting morning news and inspired students like Sarah Johnson, Nahomy Blanquicett, Laura Fernandez and Kelly Alvarez to produce their own video segments covering topics like Black History Facts, College Prep and a Creative Corner. But it didn’t stop there, we even started podcasting engaging the student body to listen to their peers cover topics like Appropriation with Kori Simmons and Self Love with Tori and Steph. I cannot name every single one of you, but words cannot express how proud I am of all of my seniors who worked so hard this year to produce the work they did for all of these publications and to even walk away with FSPA awards despite the challenges we faced. A lot of recognition is given to students for winning science and tech awards at this school, but it is the dedication and commitment of MAST’s Journalism students that bring voice and life to our students experiences and opinions. Staff, your enthusiasm for this school and your creative minds will forever remain etched in my memory, particularly my 3 timers (you know who you are; you stuck it out with me and kept coming back for more). Thank you for making this school year not just bearable but remarkably unforgettable.

With all my love, Ms. Olivera (Natasha)

We may not have all been together physically, but you were all with me in spirit. I wish you all the best in your
future endeavors Class of 2021 Journalists!
Always, always remain true to yourselves and remember: Work Hard! Play Hard!

My warmest congratulations to the most resilient Class of 2021 Seniors!! I’m so proud of everything that we have accomplished this academic year. I’m forever thankful to have been your Government/Economics teacher and I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.  
“You can’t stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.” – Shmi Skywalker 
​Mr. Cabrera

Congratulations class of 2021! Although you will be missed here at MAST, it gladdens me to know that you are leaving here as young adults equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful. I’m confident that you will achieve your goals. Enjoy your summer! Be active, eat healthy, and remember to apply sunscreen 🙂 . -Dr. Alvarez

To the Class of 2021,
In writing to you, I’m experiencing a plethora of emotions: I’m sad, I’m excited, I’m proud. I don’t have to remind you that you were cheated out of a true Junior year and you certainly had a less than normal senior year. So many of you only saw your teachers through a screen, and for those of you in school it was a distanced, sterile version of previous years. That being said, you have far exceeded my wildest expectations…you were accepted to some of the most impressive institutions in the country, you far exceeded scholarship dollars and community service hours and your joy never swayed. To you, I say thank you. Thank you for reminding me every day why I choose this career, thank you for being my joys. There were days when I questioned myself and I felt helpless…your class reminded me that every little bit counts and that at the end of every rainstorm is a rainbow. I have no doubt that every one of you will change this world for the better…thank you for letting me be a step in this journey. This was by far the most difficult year in my teaching career but watching you all succeed despite these circumstances is worth every single struggle. I love you guys! 

-Martinez…the luckiest Class Sponsor in Miami-Dade County 

To the Class of 2021

Well, it ‘s here! Your Big Day has finally come…Graduation is now upon you…in fact Your…graduation is upon all of us as well. I want to salute you for your dedication and perseverance in pursuit of this goal. It has finally paid off for you. You had to overcome challenges never before, expected nor planned for. Yet there you were, working, adapting, coping and yet amazingly, thriving.

I had the luxury of having many of you during you junior year in class physically. You always treated me with respect and kindness. I am very grateful to you for that. You bestowed a great honor to me with your greetings and handshakes at the door.  Not to mention your cordial farewells at the end of class. This year, you continued to do so…to my astonishment! So why the big deal? The big deal is this…you showed and lived the class you possess as a “Class” and as young adults. That class will carry you far in this world. It is also something that you may need to fall back on when life trips you up at times.

I have complete faith and confidence that whatever you put your focus on…you will accomplish. Your ability to see this year through…much of it without direct supervision, is testimony to that, I envision great things from you and your efforts. You are worthy to be among the accomplished… IF… you set your goals high and persevere in your efforts to reach them.

I’ll close with this….please be assured that you will always have my respect and admiration; not to mention my prayers and thoughts for your successes in life. I will miss you greatly, however, you will always remain with me. My love and Godspeed to all of you.

Best Wishes Class of ‘21

Mr. Gustin

To my purple senior babies!I can’t believe how quickly these four years have passed. I still remember teaching many of you world history and learning about the black plague and singing about fleas on rats… LOL. Remember I would always tell you that history does repeat itself and it sure did with the coronavirus plague! I’m so sad that your last major event was in your class ring ceremony but you have truly shown your true colors this year and persevered through one of the most difficult years anyone could possibly go through. Your perseverance, kindness, and all your accomplishments will be memories I will never forget.  You have kept me going through tough days!  To those of you who were in the building this year, I am so thankful for your energy and your smile’s behind your masks. I enjoyed all of our conversations, modified United Way spirit week, and letting me in on the senior prank!  I cannot wait to see you all at graduation, all dressed in your regalia… I will be in the middle beaming with pride.  I am beyond proud of all of your accomplishments and what the future holds for each and everyone of you.  You have impressed me with all of your scholarships and the colleges you  will be attending… They are so lucky to be getting a SABER from the  class of 2021.  Please know that you will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart  and I hope you will keep in touch and keep sharing your success!  Lots of love to all of you 💙Hugs,
Mrs. Molina 

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