Lessons Learned from being Online

Lessons Learned from being Online

Takeaways from Online School

By Janine Lingad

Having started high school I was only a freshman, but the next thing I knew I was a soon-to-be junior. Within this time frame, a pandemic, protests, presidential elections, and many more events ensued. When I imagined the year 2020, I always thought that it sounded futuristic and that it would be a year of bright possibilities. Never would I have thought that I would be on lockdown till this present day. I’m sure at this point everyone’s got the pros and cons listed for themselves on how this pandemic affected them, but today I’ll be writing from the viewpoint of a full-time MSO student on things I’ve learned this year and how I’ll be changing what I do from now on.

Breaking the Habit of Burnout

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Learning online the first few months of quarantine was ROUGH. The rigorous courses, the amount of screen time, and the prohibition to meet up with friends was a bit depressing. The burnout was real and scary. Whenever it came down to stress I’m wasn’t one those of people who could easily let it go by a few breathing techniques or meditation. Oh no, I was completely the opposite, as I’m sure many of you can relate. Depending on the day, I either A. cried or B. slept my worries away. Yes, I know that wasn’t the best course of action and my body knew it. If I’m being honest, I felt like I was stuck in this never-ending cycle of online school haunting me every day.

The routine was the same and dull. It was then I thought of a system that worked for me that could possibly work for you if you struggle with burnout. Say your friend was working constantly and you saw them crying and relying on unhealthy methods to cope with stress. Would you tell them to keep going? OF COURSE NOT. Now think about it this way, think of yourself as a friend. If you can encourage and advise a loved one from tiring themselves out, then what’s stopping you from doing the same, because ultimately, everyone deserves self-love. You’re probably thinking that it’s easier said than done and you know what, you’re right. I know it isn’t easy, trust me, I’m still having to pull back on my urges to go overtime with homework assignments, but I believe it’s worth giving this method a try!

Accepting Change

As of right now everything around me is shifting and I’m sure some of you are feeling the same. The daunting thought of being a sophomore and becoming a junior in a couple of months is unbelievable. I remember it was only last year that I stepped into the building of MAST for the first time and got lost at numerous points with the many staircases at the school. While I enjoyed the high school life for a bit physically, I realized that I preferred learning online and so I ended up deciding to transfer to a full time online program once this school year was completed because it matched the certain goals I had for myself. That by itself was a huge decision, but it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to this decision I made, it was also brought up to me by my parents that we would be leaving the U.S and head towards the Philippines in less than 2 years, which was needless to say, a shock. I’m not going to lie, I REFUSED the thought of moving. I wanted everything to stay the same as it was now, except everything was shifting under me and I didn’t even realize it. It was like my world went from one to hundred in a matter of seconds.

After frantically coming to terms with the future, I started accepting that instead of trying to resist change, it was better to welcome it. Just like any cliché ending to a Disney movie where the main character tries to be inspiring I guess something that everyone can takeaway is, that CHANGE is horrifyingly scary, but I guess that’s what’s part of the fun. The future is unknown, but it’s filled with adventures yet to be discovered so I encourage everyone to have an open mind. I hope by reading this article you got to learn a new method in both managing burnouts and realizing that you’re not alone with the feeling of fear for the future because it’s perfectly normal. Plus, we’re the students of MAST, if we can tackle these rigorous courses we can handle any bumps headed our way!

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Janine Lingad
Janine Lingad

Janine Lingad is a writer for the The Caduceus Times with a focus on Entertainment. Through her articles she hopes to enable readers to have a good time. With four years of experience as a member of the app, you can catch her reading webtoon in her free time. Comics allow an escape from reality, so let Janine be your guide. Email her at janine.lingad@mastacademyhomestead.org for a list of recommendations for any specific genre. You can also find her sewing, watching a marathon of k-dramas, or longboarding for her past time.