Your Body Deserves Fuel

Your Body Deserves Fuel

What if we said thank you

to our bodies instead

– unknown

The majority of us will spend a large portion of our lives looking in the mirror and criticizing what we see. Hating on the way our eyes fold, body curves, eyebrows angle, and every other ridiculous critique. For too many of us, it will take sitting in a rocking chair and looking at old photos to finally realize how utterly beautiful we were.

And yes, that’s heartbreaking, but it’s the reality of our society.

We’ve learned to view our body for the features it has instead of the role it performs. We are more distracted by how big our nose looks or how undefined our stomach is to realize the real reason we should love our body.

We have a heart that beats about 100,000 times per day, we have lungs that contract and expand about 30,000 times per day, we have a body that is constantly working to give us life. That allows us to scream at the top of our lungs when our favorite sports team wins. To dance in the most psychotic way when our favorite song plays. To hear our friends laugh so hard, they begin to snort. To flood with warmth and love as we cuddle our pets.

Our body does SO much for us.

It lets us hear, see, speak, and feel. And it’s about time we thank it for doing so. Because obsessing over calories, skipping meals, and thinking hateful things as we look in the mirror, is not thanking it. Our body deserves nutrients and our body deserves love. It’s a tragedy society has convinced us there is a right and wrong way to look. It’s a tragedy that society has put such mental stress on eating.

That beautiful body of yours needs food. Without it how else are you going to hear, see, and feel all of the things that make life so precious?

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For more encouragement, please visit the Eating Helpline.

Alyssa Mullings
Alyssa Mullings

Alyssa Mullings is a senior at the Medical Academy for Science and Technology at Homestead. Her love for writing developed as she took AP Seminar and AP Language and Composition. She is a full-time writer for The Caduceus Times, the school’s newspaper, where she focuses on feature articles and personal columns. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading self-improvement books or spending time with her family.