The Unheard Voice of The Seniors

The Unheard Voice of The Seniors

In recent months there has been a decline in the enforcement of Covid restrictions including increasing capacity in restaurants, the enforcement of mask wearing indoors or in a public setting, along with the disregard of large group gatherings and parties as seen throughout spring break. The decline of restrictions for the public has caused some uproar from the class of 2021 seniors. Throughout the school year Seniors have been adhering to all Covid restrictions, such as remaining 6 feet apart and mask wearing. As a result of complying with these restrictions, almost all school events dedicated to celebrating all of their hard work in school in the past years have been cancelled. These events include Senior breakfast, Grad-bash, Senior sunrise, and prom. While the public is no longer being restricted as strongly as before, the Seniors of Miami Dade Public Schools are still being left behind having to remain using the same safety precautions keeping them from partaking in almost all senior events.

“I just think that for this to be our last year of high school, these major events are something you look forward to as you grow up, and to think that it is all being taken away from us is sad. It is sad because it is possible, but no one seems to deem it as important as hundreds of college kids partying over spring break.” Katya Llanos, a senior at MAST noted. Immediately one week after College spring break, South Florida hospitals were reporting increases of Covid patient numbers. All over social media were posts and videos about Florida’s beaches being flooded with college students partying and having a good time without repercussions, strengthening the Class of 2021’s argument that they are being affected because of everyone else’s inability to follow rules. 

One senior even stated, “We are kind of getting the short short end of the stick” this year since “everyone who follows the rules, tends to not get anything in return ,instead if you just break them you still get what you want.” Which is a completely valid reason right? Since September, Seniors along with lowerclassmen have been either virtually learning from their homes, or remaining 6 feet apart in school while wearing masks the entire school day. Though all students have been abiding by the rules it still seems that many major events are not being celebrated properly. In the meantime the Miami-Dade Curfew has been lifted, and many restaurants are allowed at full capacity that directly correlate to an increase of Covid cases. The public is being allowed to have more freedom regarding Covid restrictions, but the seniors still have to go by the same rules making it that more frustrating since they have been trying to stay safe all along.

At this point though since many events such as senior breakfast, grad-bash, and prom have already been deemed as not Covid friendly, many seniors are declaring that they are just ready to get the year over with and senioritis has settled in early due to the lack of school spirit they are feeling. “I understand that the schools are trying to push for certain events, but with the lack of events so far, Seniors are feeling neglected and forgotten this year.” Senior Jacob Escalante explained.

Gratefully, tt was recently announced over the weekend that all Miami-Dade County students would be receiving an in-person graduation where they will be able to walk the stage and receive their diploma. And even if only 2 of their family members will be able to attend, seniors are celebrating this one event knowing that all of their hard work will get recognized where their loved ones, and classmates who they have not seen in over a year, will all be able to show support for the class of 2021.