Open Your Mind to “Safe Spaces”

Open Your Mind to “Safe Spaces”

Providing a Better Future for Students with Safe Spaces

What are “Safe Spaces” ?

College can be extremely stressful for many, especially those who are first-year students and must adjust to a new routine and lifestyle. There is often a large concern whether or not these college students will fit in and be able to manage so many things at once such as studying while working to support themselves while also carrying the stress of building a new social life. This is where the question of safe spaces for students comes into play. To further explain, a safe space is an area in a college where students can feel confident in themselves without judgment and be able to communicate with other students in a friendly way in order to make friends and feel welcomed in an unknown environment.

What Will These Students Rely On After College?

Will students be able to escape the “mental bubble” safe spaces created for them?

Although these safe spaces sound ideal, not many people happen to agree. It is a topic that has many sides and arguments to it; many believe that creating these safe spaces will create a mental bubble. It is argued that this “bubble” could be keeping them from branching out into the real world, such as sheltering them from others opinions and cause them to struggle in their careers because of their need for safety. This will cause them to hold back from thinking outside the box due to the fact that they will constantly be seeking comfort. Many questions may arise, like, “Once these students graduate college, how will they cope? Will they rely on others more than before?” But ultimately, it’s a great idea because it will allow students to find a group of people who share similar interests and will provide them with a stress-free environment that can benefit their mental health, promoting their well-being. These safe spaces will allow them to meet people from all types of backgrounds, this will help them form connections with others and better their social anxiety allowing them to be prepared for their years after college.

Would You Want a Safe Space In Your University?

There are many benefits to these safe spaces and due to its high success in inclusivity around 90% of students have wanted or requested a safe space in their college. The statistic alone raises awareness as to how important and beneficial the safe spaces really are to students. Everyone is different but all students should know there is that extra support if ever wanted. Many students may even suffer from different mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, which are in fact pretty common. These safe spaces could help students not feel like they are alone, it could make all the more difference in their lives. Every single student should have the ability to feel comfortable and feel free to embrace who they are in their university for the next couple of years and always, whether it be in a safe space or in their own way.

Safe spaces provide a welcoming and accepting place for everyone.

Safe spaces will be the new tomorrow for colleges and their students. Universities that provide safe spaces for those who want them helps students adjust to their new environment but also encourages students with their journeys along the way. Creating more confident students and future professionals, safe spaces can make the difference everywhere. Giving more reason why these students are more likely branch out and have an easier time coping outside of their university and in the “real world”.

Seniors! It could be helpful to do some research on your university before you start your new school year, it will not only be insightful but you can find out if they provide any safe spaces for their students, and maybe you’d even consider joining one! You can even create one yourself in the form of a club if you seek a greater interest in it. Students are our future so it is essential that we provide them with the best resources.

Samantha Medina
Samantha Medina

Samantha Medina is a senior at Medical Academy for Science and Technology. She is a part-time writer for the Caduceus Times and greatly enjoys being creative in every aspect of her life. When she’s not writing you can find her doing creative makeup looks.