Booming Black Businesses

Booming Black Businesses

Finish Black History Month Strong and Support Black Businesses

In celebrating black culture we should also be supporting black-owned businesses that are part of what fosters this economy. When we support within our own community, our community not only flourishes but gives back to us as the people who live in it. When we are supporting black owned businesses we are allowing for their voices to be heard and helping them by encouraging the diversity they bring. It isn’t just about Black History month but it’s about being there for one another always. That is why I compiled a list of black-owned businesses located in Miami.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen

This sunscreen is particularly made with natural ingredients to nurture the skin but most importantly catered for women of color. This has not been made available in stores in Florida yet but it can be bought in the online shop which is linked above. The white cast that a lot of generic sunscreens may leave is not usually appreciated and this sunscreen not only protects against the burning sun but brings a radiant glow to the skin. Because sunscreen is highly recommended as part of everyday wear to prevent sunburns and skin damage this particular sunscreen was created to be more suitable for women of color. With sunscreen catered towards darker skin tones, the fear of washed out skin or a faded complexion is replaced with the objective to embrace and protect their natural skin tone.

Shontay Lundy is the proud founder of Black Girl Sunscreen and emphasizes that she was motivated to create a product that would make women of color a priority because “The sun doesn’t discriminate between complexions”. Shontay Lundy had just recently started in the whole business industry but was dedicated to creating the perfect sunscreen for women and a couple months after she launched the product she took matters into her own hands. While promoting her product, Shontay raised awareness to the importance of sunscreen wearing amongst people of color and soon enough people started listening and buying her sunscreen.

KeryKay Candle Co.

Make a candle that you’ll love to place in your room and make it smell any way you would like with a variety of scents to choose from! Although it may be a lengthy process it will be a fun experience with friends that will for sure be a lasting memory. You basically sit in a class where they walk you through making the entire candle and once you’re done you wait another 45 minutes for your candle to cool down and be ready to take home. During this time, you can take advantage and make it even more enjoyable by playing a board game of your choice. Every time you burn this candle the unique scent created by you will have you reminiscing about a great time with friends along with how much time and effort went into making the candle itself.

KeryKay is the one that must be thanked for her brilliant innovation and business. Starting back in 2014 and working from home, KeryKay was hand pouring and selling her own candles but has now upgraded. Now running a beautiful and aesthetic workshop that she owns, it has gained all the success that has come from the dedication and hard work she has put in since day one.

The World Famous House of Mac – Soul Food

The World Famous House of Mac will provide you with appetizers and entrees that guarantee to not only fill you up but still have you wanting more. With the irresistible cheesy deliciousness there is to offer you will not want to miss out. But no worries if Mac and Cheese isn’t your thing, there is far more to choose from, they have chicken and waffles, pasta, wings, etc. This restaurant has it all along with a seat waiting just for you!

After graduating from the culinary arts program at Robert Morgan Educational Center Derrick Turton, the owner of this deliciousness did not always think he was destined to be in the food business. Rather than loving his first restaurant job he completely hated it and decided to move on, one thing after another he fell into the music industry and started managing Pitbull along with many other well known artists! After he did this for a while his passion didn’t seem to be as thrilling anymore and the last straw was when Turton’s father passed. This tragedy was it and he decided to not only take some time for himself but also family. As cooking was always therapeutic for him all of his very close family and friends who he cooked for seemed to really enjoy it and actually pushed him to start his food business. Turton was pushed towards specializing in Mac and Cheese for his food business because it is specific to his Trinidadian culture and a dish he is especially good at making.

AJs Sinnabuns – Sinnabuns and Desserts

What’s a meal without dessert? It’s not. Go and enjoy a delicious “melt in your mouth” sinnabun that claims to have you wanting more even after you’re already done. This family owned business offers a variety of flavors for your buns and to put a big smile on your face. They have a little bit of everything for everyone, so head down to AJs Sinnabuns to finally give your sweet tooth what it’s been wanting. 

AJ’s Sinnabuns is a dessert business started by the lovely family above that delivers straight to your home! Angelica and Jean-Pierre who are husband and wife make a dynamic duo in this business. They started by participating in just one farmers market and now manage to make appearances in several across South Florida. What just started out as a snackalicious hobby has turned into a successful business because nothing says delicious like homemade buns.

Stephanie Chavez
Stephanie Chavez

Stephanie Chavez is Co-Editor in Chief of The Caduceus Times and loves to write articles that will create an impact amongst the student body. She hopes to pursue a career in English and loves to learn and receive feedback from her peers to help improve her writing as well as flourish in the English department. As a Latina she loves celebrating as much of her culture as possible and enjoys learning about other cultures. Read her articles and gain more insight about the different perspectives and world around you.