Making Your Social Media Feed A Healthy One: A Guide To Finding Positive Creators

Making Your Social Media Feed A Healthy One: A Guide To Finding Positive Creators

Social media has taken over Generation Z. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I’d bet money you have social media and so do the majority of your friends and younger family members. There’s nothing wrong with it. I enjoy a quick (and by quick I mean hours upon hours) scroll on social media. I mean, between Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter, you can scroll all day. But when we spend this much time scrolling and scrolling, the pictures, comments, tweets, videos, and everything else rub off on us. All of those posts are shaping how we see the world and, most importantly, how we see ourselves.

Social media can be a healthy place for you, but it can also be really unhealthy if you don’t take a second and step back to look at your feed. Who are you following? What messages are they spreading? Below is a list of creators on Tik Tok and Instagram that help make social media a more positive and welcoming place. I don’t think it will hurt to check them out and add any you like to that feed of yours. Your subconscious thoughts and beliefs will thank you for it.

Body Positivity

Sienna Mae Gomez

 In the fall of 2020, many of Sienna’s videos calling out unrealistic beauty standards went viral. In one of her most popular videos, Sienna proudly dances around her kitchen showing off her stretch marks, stomach rolls, and hip dips, three features society has tried to paint as unattractive. She preaches to her supporters that natural, unflexed bodies are normal and beautiful. She wants all of her followers to understand “food is fuel” and to show love to your body by providing it that fuel.

Tik Tok: @Siennamae and @Siennamaegomez Insta:@Siennamaegomez

Eating Habits

Brittani Lancaster

As Brittani is currently recovering from two eating disorders, she uses her platform to help others do the same. She posts “what I eat in a day recovering from two eating disorders” where she shows her preparing and eating three meals throughout the day. In these videos, Britanni shares the importance of eating food that is good for your body and soul. She always tells her supporters, “balance is key”. For anyone struggling with eating their fear foods or meals in general, Britanni also posts “eat with me” videos. Through this, she encourages people to sit down and eat alongside her. As someone who has struggled with eating the majority of her life, she wants to encourage others in the same position.

Tik Tok and Instagram: @Brittanilancaster


Micheline Maalouf

Micheline is a licensed therapist specialized in anxiety and trauma. She uses her platform to help those diagnosed with anxiety and to educate others on how life with anxiety is. Micheline teaches concepts like emotional flashbacks, gaslighting, people-pleasing, and flight mode. She films her videos where a “patient” confides in her with an issue and responds with advice. This way, it feels as if you are in therapy with her. Through this, she tries to eliminate the stigma surrounding therapy and mental health diagnoses.

Tik Tok: @mashmushe Instagram:@sereinmicheline


Alex Sedlak

Alex’s content revolves around never giving up until you have attained the life you desire. If you feel unmotivated, stressed, or discouraged, this is the creator to check out. He strongly believes by adjusting your mindset you are drastically closer to the success you crave. His page also includes financial advice that will allow you to afford your dream life. All of his posts are directed towards high school and college students who are starting to prepare for adult life.

Tik Tok: @alexsedlak1 Instagram: @alexsedlak

Self Growth

Aileen Xu

To anyone who wants to work on inner growth, this creator is for you. Aileen posts videos on how to level up your mindset, find powerful affirmations, build self-confidence, create inner peace, and deal with your inner critic. She believes that “life is an art, make it your masterpiece”. Aileen is also an advocate for journaling and meditation. In many videos, she shares her past limiting doubts, insecurities, and fears and how she grew past them.

Tik Tok and Instagram: @Lavendaire

Healthy Relationships

Lara Ann

Lara uses her social media platform to address a variety of teenage issues; however, the majority of her videos revolve around relationships. No matter the type of relationship, Lara emphasizes the need to know when enough is enough and leave. She provides tips on how to identify an unhealthy relationship and how to cope with experiencing one. When talking to her followers, Lara comforts them and helps them realize they are worth more than words can explain. After being in a toxic relationship for years, she wishes someone could’ve been there to help her leave and find people who truly add value to her life. With this experience, she now chooses to be that person for her supporters.

Tik Tok and Instagram: @_laraann_

Did you find a creator you like? Of course, I picked them out. Ok, I’m kidding, but seriously, I really hope at least one creator stood out to you. I made sure to find creators that focus on issues the majority of teens face. Just like many of you, social media hasn’t always been the healthiest place for me. But I stumbled on these creators, and I haven’t looked at social media the same again. My feed is no longer a place of comparison or gossip, it’s a place of encouragement and comfortability. Whether it’s anxiety, eating habits, relationships, or a topic I didn’t include in this article, creators are out there to help. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, we spent too much time on social media to make it a draining and negative environment. With every scroll, you’re subconsciously impacting your believes so who you follow is not a big deal, it’s the biggest deal.

Alyssa Mullings
Alyssa Mullings

Alyssa Mullings is a senior at the Medical Academy for Science and Technology at Homestead. Her love for writing developed as she took AP Seminar and AP Language and Composition. She is a full-time writer for The Caduceus Times, the school’s newspaper, where she focuses on feature articles and personal columns. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading self-improvement books or spending time with her family.