October Horoscopes

October Horoscopes

Hey guys! I’m gonna teach you a little something before you go ahead and read these horoscopes. Horoscopes should be read for your rising sign along with your sun sign (that’s the one you already know). What’s your rising sign? Well, if you go on cafeastrology.com and create an astrological report with your birth information (place and time) then you can see your rising sign and much more information! Okay, got it? Go on and read then!

Horoscopes courtesy of Cosmopolitan and key dates courtesy of @astrogrlz on Twitter. 

By Osarenren Izevbigie


Yes, Aries, Mercury Retrograde is back, so get ready for miscommunications, meltdowns, and lots of mixed messages. For the next few weeks, you may start finding things extra confusing. On October 16, the Sun and Moon will join forces, forming a dark and velvety New Moon in Libra—your opposite sign. I know you love your independence, but under this lunation, you’ll be eager to couple up. This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your relationships (not just the romantic ones!) are functioning at their fullest potential. Do you feel like your bonds are equal—in other words, are you giving and receiving? A second Full Moon—known as a Blue Moon—will occur on (you guessed it) Halloween. For you, this Full Moon in Taurus shines a light in the area of your chart associated with personal finance, so by the end of the month, you’ll be thinking all about worth. Full Moons correspond with endings, so if you feel like you want to bring in more, don’t be afraid to let something go.

Key Dates: 10/9+10, 10/16, 10/18, 10/29


Mercury in Scorpio has been activating your partnership zone, sending you straight into your crush’s DMs. But don’t be surprised if some technical glitches get in the way of this textual banter. On October 13, the planet of communication begins its retrograde cycle. For the next few weeks, Mercury Retrograde will cause lots of miscommunication, so plan accordingly. On October 16, the Sun and Moon unite again to form a New Moon in Libra. During this lunar phase, the sky will be completely dark, stripping it all down to pure instinct. Under this sky, take a look at your schedule to make sure your day-to-day realities align with your long-term aspirations. 2020’s only electric Full Moon in your own sign occurs on—yup—Halloween. Powerful information will be revealed under this lunation, so don’t be afraid to call things out. You know what you want, so speak your truth! While Halloween may be all about disguises, this Full Moon is about getting real.

Key Dates: 10/4, 10/7, 10/10, 10/13, 10/17, 10/23, 10/25, 10/31


On October 13, the planet of communication (and *ahem* your planetary ruler, Mercury) begins its annoying retrograde cycle. Yes, Gemini, this definitely calls for a collective eye-roll. For the next three weeks, malfunctions, meltdowns, and miscommunication will be the new norm. But—hey—at least now, when everything falls apart, you actually have an excuse. New Moon in Libra that rolls through on October 16, helping align your internal radiance with your external experiences. Although there’s no illumination under this dark sky, you’ll be attracting a ton of attention, so don’t be surprised if you end up with some exciting, passionate, new connections mid-month. On October 31, a Full Moon in Taurus electrifies the sky. And, to be honest, you’re feeling a bit on edge: This lunation shines a haunted light into your psychic dimension, and some of your biggest fears are being exposed.

Key Dates: 10/6, 10/13, 10/19, 10/26


Mercury goes retrograde on October 13, and it may (read: 100% will) throw a wrench in some of your upcoming plans. I’m sorry to say, but when the planet of communication goes backwards, calamities will be inevitable. But there’s no need to stress—Mercury Retrograde is totally out of your control! For you, Cancer darling, this is actually a wonderful opportunity to practice the fine art of “going with the flow.” On October 16, the Sun and Moon will gather in Libra’s domain, activating the area of your chart associated with foundation, security, and protection. This New Moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle and—since you’re ruled by the Moon—this will give you the strength and courage to finally face some very painful memories for the past. You don’t always have the ability to go this deep, but mid-month, know that you have exactly what it takes to heal those wounds. On October 31, a Full Moon in Taurus will electrify the sky. Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a Full Moon on Halloween. For you, this lunation is all about expansion. Under this sky, you’ll begin to discover that your community is much greater than you even realized. In fact, friends-of-friends (and friends-of-friends-of-friends!) are willing to lend a hand.

Key Dates: 10/9, 10/16, 10/22


October 13 because—you guessed it—that’s the day Mercury goes retrograde. Proofread every message, anticipate technological meltdowns, and avoid swiping your credit card on any impulse purchases. Just sprinkle a little ~mindfulness~ into your day-to-day. On October 16, the New Moon in Libra will blanket the sky, infusing your day-to-day experiences with powerful insight. You want to connect with your peers…but how can you stay “in the know” without starting unnecessary drama? Here’s the deal, Leo: Not all conversations need to revolve around gossip. Under this sky, practice participating in a thoughtful, productive way. How can you use your unique skills and abilities to make the world a better place? The Full Moon in Taurus (on literally Halloween) will shine a radiant light into your professional sector. Your career is about to change in a big way. Whether you’re getting a promotion, switching jobs, or launching a new professional venture, treat this Full Moon like a green light: It’s a “yes” from the cosmos!

Key Dates: 10/4, 10/7, 10/11, 10/13, 10/17, 10/23, 10/31


Mercury Retrograde begins on October 13. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Mercury, the planet of communication, is about to put its thing down, flip it, and reverse it. You know Mercury Retrograde can be (and will be) felt deeply. After all, Mercury is your planetary ruler, which means you’re extra sensitive to everything that falls under its domain, like communication, technology, and transportation. You know how to tell facts from fiction, so with Mercury activating the area of your chart associated with local community, this is your chance to call out dishonesty. On October 16, the New Moon in Libra will empower you to explore the concept of value. What do you care about, Virgo? How would you quantify (and qualify) the notion of “worth”? This New Moon kicks off a new lunar cycle, so under this dark sky, examine both your physical and emotional resources. What tools do you have to spearhead powerful change? On Halloween night (so spooky!), October’s second Full Moon (referred to as a “Blue Moon”) will illuminate Taurus’ domain. Taurus is a like-minded earth sign, so even though this lunation may be extra eerie, it will also deliver some much-needed inspiration. So with or without a costume, bask in the moonlight to help you recharge. It’s filled with inspiration! How can you infuse your life with more passion and charisma?

Key Dates: 10/6, 10/10, 10/13, 10/19, 10/21, 10/26


October 13, because that’s when Mercury begins its three-week long retrograde cycle. Yes, it’s happening again. But if the concept of “Mercury Retrograde” feels truly frightening, remember that this planetary reversal certainly serves headaches, but not total and complete destruction.

Simply plan in advance by making sure you’re emotionally prepared for miscommunications and malfunctions. October 16, when the Moon aligns the Sun in your own sign, forming 2020’s only New Moon in Libra. For you, this is a big deal. The Moon represents your emotions, and now more than ever, you’re beginning to tap into your instincts. This isn’t just about your wants—it’s about your deepest needs. It’s about feeling safe, secure, and satiated. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need under this sky. The month concludes with a second Full Moon (referred to as a Blue Moon) on—you guessed it—October 31. Halloween. This fierce Full Moon in Taurus will electrify the area of your chart associated with health and wellness, so if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, you may want to emphasize “treats” over “tricks.” Give yourself permission to slow down, Libra. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to ask for help! Trust that your closest companions are there for a reason—they want you to succeed.

Key Dates: 10/9, 10/16, 10/18, 10/27+28


On October 13, Mercury goes retrograde in your own sign. What does that mean? Simply put, it will be extra annoying! With Mercury sliding through Scorpio, all the mishaps will feel super personal. Try to keep perspective, Scorpio. On October 16, a New Moon in Libra will deliver a dark, velvety sky. With no nocturnal illumination, you’ll be looking inward, so don’t be surprised if you have some powerful emotional revelations under this sky. The New Moon is a terrific time to get some extra sleep: Dreams can help us work through complex emotions. On October 31, a Full Moon in Taurus (your opposite sign) electrifies the night sky, making this haunted holiday extra enchanted. For you, this lunation is all about perspective, so get ready for some changes relating to interpersonal dynamics. Have you outgrown an existing alliance or, alternatively, are you finally ready to commit? Full Moons only shines on what already exists. This is about connecting to your truth.

Key Dates: 10/4, 10/13, 10/17, 10/25, 10/31


October 13. Yes, I’m sorry to say that Mercury Retrograde is at it again. For the next three weeks, the mischievous planet of communication goes retrograde, wreaking havoc on all things relating to expression, technology, and transportation. You’ll want to be gentle with yourself, Sagittarius. There’s no reason to push too hard. On October 16, the New Moon in Libra will kick off a new lunar cycle. This is perfectly timed because the lunation illuminates the area of your chart associated with extended communities, helping you remember that you’re part of something much greater. Under this sky, all that petty drama seems relatively irrelevant. Now you’re trying to figure out how you can align with supportive, creative, and dynamic people who are also interested in community outreach. Sure, a few shameless selfies never hurt anyone, but under this sky, you want to use social media to inspire others. this months’ second Full Moon (known as a “Blue Moon”) occurs on…you guessed it! Halloween! In Taurus’ domain, this Full Moon is guaranteed to be extra spooky. These are your exes! Under this sky, people from your past will come knocking—but don’t you dare open that door. You’re moving forward, so don’t let the darkness pull you down.

Key Dates: 10/6, 10/12, 10/13, 10/19, 10/26


It’s Mercury and, on October 13, this celestial prankster begins its infamous retrograde cycle. Say “hello” to three weeks of miscommunications, meltdowns, and super frustrating mishaps. There’s no denying that Mercury Retrograde is super irritating, but at the end of the day, try to keep things in perspective. On October 16, the Sun and Moon align in Libra, forming a New Moon that activates your career zone, which mean that success is written in the stars! Under this sky, don’t be afraid to make bold choices that have the ability to impact your future. on October 31—yes, literally Halloween—the second Full Moon of the month will illuminate the night sky. While this might sound extra spooky, it’s actually a wonderful time for you, Capricorn. This lunation occurs in Taurus’ domain, which electrifies the area of your chart associated with passion, creativity, and love. Who knew this haunted holiday could be so romantic? Will you surprise yourself by developing strong feelings for someone you previously overlooked?

Key Dates: 10/9+10, 10/12, 10/16, 10/18, 10/22, 10/27


On October 13, the planet of communication goes retrograde for the final time in 2020, fueling miscommunications, meltdowns, and migraines. For the next three weeks, things will be extra messy, so take a few deep breaths, center yourself, and release your need to micromanage every single detail. On October 16, the Sun and Moon meet in Libra—a like-minded air sign—forming a powerful New Moon. This illuminates the area of your chart associated with philosophy, expansion, and education, so under this sky, don’t be afraid to go far outside your comfort zone and enroll in a fun, unexpected class or workshop. Whether you’re studying politics, practicing a new instrument, or learning how to bake banana bread (hey, better late than never), this is a wonderful New Moon for experimentation. Lean into your curious spirit, Aquarius! On October 31, the second Full Moon of the month will enchant the night sky and the werewolves will be howling! Under this sky, you’ll be inspired to look at your domestic space from a different perspective. Perhaps the walls just need a fresh coat of pain…or maybe you need to confront some serious tension with a roommate or cohabitant.

Key Dates: 10/4, 10/11, 10/13, 10/17, 10/23, 10/31


On October 13, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio’s domain, which has a way of making everything a bit…annoying.I’m sorry to say, but this type of deception is common during Mercury’s backwards boogie. For the next few weeks, make sure you’re performing your due diligence by asking a lot of thoughtful questions. If you’re confused by something, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification! On October 16, the New Moon in Libra will blanket the sky. There’s no nocturnal illumination, so you’ll be left with your own thoughts and feelings. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly start to recall memories that have been untouched for many, many years. The vibes may be heavy, so be sure to ramp up your self-care practices. Give yourself permission to connect with your emotions on a sensory level. If you’re feeling inspired, go ahead and let it out. The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on October 31 (yes, Halloween) and for you, Pisces, this means mischief. You’ll be feeling extra playful under the light of the Moon, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself starting a bit of trouble. Mercury is still retrograde, so you don’t end up sending the wrong message.

Key Dates: 10/6+7, 10/12, 10/14, 10/26

Osarenren Izevbigie
Osarenren Izevbigie

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